Groupa - Kind of Folk

Via Jan Johansson’s ingenious interpretations of folk music Groupa gained nourishment for new impulses in on-going conversation as musicians. Groupa searched backwards, to the old transcriptions, to the written music, and listened to recordings of long since departed role models within singing and playing. With thin watercolour notes they paint their own version of Swedish tunes and songs. They listen in-wards, sometimes subtly and sometimes with irrepressible energy. More often than not they do not know exactly what will happen, but they find the way forward together.

»It's not a fusion so much as music that sounds to be coming from two traditions - Swedish folk and European jazz - simultaneously. This gives a feeling of complete spontaneity, with flautist Jonas Simonson and fiddler Mats Eden seeming to conjure literally weird and wonderful melodies out of thin air as Terje Isungset adds his inimitable percussive colours with bells, granite blocks, eerie vocalising and improbably virtuosic jew's harp. Isungset's brilliantly impressionistic feature summed up the performance in two words: sheer artistry - and it's not often you'll hear that said about drum solos.«

Rob Adams, The Herald, April 4, 2005


Sat 22 Oct - 08:56
Feel free to enjoy the first song on our upcoming album for free. Have a nice weekend (-: Groupa, Kind of folk - Oct 2016
Sat 15 Oct - 06:25
Groupa! (CD Release og konsert i Gøteborg Konserthus 5 november med Lena Willemark). foto:knut bry Timeline Photos
Tue 11 Oct - 20:43
New album soon to be released! "Kind of folk" (photo by Knut Bry) Timeline Photos
Tue 04 Oct - 06:37
Some photos from our concert in Oslo in September. Photo by Knut Utler. Knut Utler Foto
Wed 21 Sep - 13:02
New album! To be released on Nov 5th 2016. All Ice Records. Photo by Knut Bry. Groupa
Fri 09 Sep - 13:00
Groupa med Lena Willemark
Wed 07 Sep - 17:31
If you happen to be in Oslo next week: GROUPA M/ LENA WILLEMARK - RIKSSCENEN - Schous Kulturbryggeri
Wed 31 Aug - 21:03
Look out for the new GROUPA Album! To be released soon. GROUPA "Kind of Folk" vol 1 - Sweden. Timeline Photos
Fri 06 May - 23:31
Soundcheck La Grande Rencontre, Montreal Timeline Photos
Fri 06 May - 12:01
Photosession for French magazine. Timeline Photos