Groupa - Silent Folk

Nordic soundscapes and meditations. Improvisations and folk songs rooted in tradition.

»It's not a fusion so much as music that sounds to be coming from two traditions - Swedish folk and European jazz - simultaneously. This gives a feeling of complete spontaneity, with flautist Jonas Simonson and fiddler Mats Eden seeming to conjure literally weird and wonderful melodies out of thin air as Terje Isungset adds his inimitable percussive colours with bells, granite blocks, eerie vocalising and improbably virtuosic jew's harp. Isungset's brilliantly impressionistic feature summed up the performance in two words: sheer artistry - and it's not often you'll hear that said about drum solos.«

Rob Adams, The Herald, April 4, 2005


Sat 03 Oct - 14:20
Groupa - nordiska musiklandskap
Sat 03 Oct - 14:19
GROUPA - Legends of Swedish folk
Mon 21 Sep - 22:00
Silent Folk album: Top ten in Portugal. 10 discos folk de Setembro 2015 [podcast Terra Pura 07SET15] - Crónicas da Terra
Tue 18 Aug - 16:04
Recordingsession 1 for our new album! This time:Trad & folk style Swedish music. But still in a silent Groupa mood 😊 Photos from Groupa's post
Fri 17 Jul - 14:19
Soon time for Silent Summer Tour. Check out the dates and concerts places! 20 juli 19:00 Tivoli, Köpenhamn 21 juli 18:30 Torpåkra Ljudstation 22 juli 19:00 Klockaregårdens keramikverkstad, Gösslunda, Lidköping 23 juli 19:00 Arnold Hagströms ateljé, Harlösa 24 juli 20:00 Riga, Spīķeru koncertzāle, Latvia 25 juli 12:00 Workshop, Baltais Flīģelis, Sigulda, Latvia Groupa - Silent Summer Tour
Wed 08 Jul - 14:55
Konsert med Groupa - Silent Folk
Wed 08 Jul - 14:24
Konsert med Groupa - Silent Folk